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Deo Bergamot / Lemongrass cream


Deo cream with the scent of Bergamot / Lemongrass and 100% effect of preventing unpleasant odors.

It comes with a guarantee - if it doesn't last you all day, we'll refund your money!

It does not close pores, allows normal sweating but definitely blocks odors.

More information about the product in the "Description"

Brza i sigurna dostava
100% sigurna kupnja
Besplatna dostava iznad 34€

€59.59 / per liter

Tax included

You adore the scent of citrus and you have shown that by making this the best-selling scent and a favorite even for men.

Use: Apply to wet armpits in a thin layer (amount of peas), gently smear (do not rub too much), let it dry and only then put on.

Do not apply directly after shaving and waxing the armpits as irritation may occur!

In addition to preventing unpleasant odors under the armpits, you can also use part of the cream to prevent unpleasant odors in the legs in the same way as above.

Data sheet

Kukuruzni škrob, soda bikarbona, kokos maslac, ulje čajevca i limunske trave

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