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100% natural cosmetics that love your skin, with fragrant fields Small lavender

How did it all start?

Not so long ago in 2008, in the small village of Rečica Kriška in the northeast of Zagreb County on the slopes of Moslavačka gora, not far from Zagreb, a small farm of the Trut family started organic cultivation of Budrovka lavender. The first lavender was planted in the spring of 2008, and is still in controlled organic production. In addition to growing lavender, the farm is also engaged in the production of various preparations of lavender, honey, fruit brandy, etc. In 2012, in Zagreb, the youngest member of the family Ivana Trut, after numerous experiences in various companies, in various business positions, an independent project, this time in its own arrangement with its own company, registered for the production of natural cosmetics under the brand name Mala od lavande .

From the very beginning, he made good acquaintances in the cosmetic and aromatherapy world, and with external collaborators he prepared an enviable palette of over 200 natural facial and body care products. Many partners and external associates follow her in their work and encourage her in the already saturated market, where from the very beginning she has created a high position on the market of natural cosmetics.

The sale is based exclusively on the web and an oral recommendation that resulted in the return of customers who recognized the multiple benefits of this so far small Croatian company both in quality and natural product composition, and at a very reasonable price compared to many competing products. The company's vision, the Male of Lavender brand, to expand beyond the borders of Croatia and thus create another Croatian brand that will be recognizable by the quality and natural ingredients that are for the health of every person from multiple benefits and bring our country closer to the world market.

Proudly, we can present our own logo that speaks for itself, because the products are natural, have not been tested on animals and do not have negative ingredients and additives harmful to human health. The logo is accompanied by our small stamp for most products, Vegan friendly, which in the translated sense means that the products are not of animal origin. In the first half of the year of our beginning, our message is: This is just our beginning!

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