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Anti-cellulite package

The package contains:

1. Anti-cellulite peeling

2. Anti-cellulite oil

3. Anti-cellulite massage soap Q10

4. A surprise you don't expect;)

It is enough for a one-month course that will allow you to see the results

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The package contains:

1. Anti-cellulite peeling

You always ask me if this really works. 

Drink plenty of water, at least move minimally, be somewhat careful about what you take in and rub the scrub every, just every day for 3 weeks. 

If you are consistent and fair, call me after those 3 weeks and say you don’t see any difference and I will refund your money! 

You can accompany the procedure with anti-cellulite oil from our offer. A stronger and rougher massage of the cellulite affected area is key to stimulating circulation and great results!

I am 100% behind each of our products!

So the answer is ... it works of course, if you work too. :)

2. Anti-cellulite oil

Apply and massage preferably on damp skin after showering so that the skin absorbs the mixture better

Let’s not forget to mention that this oil alone will not eliminate cellulite. It asks for your help in the form of proper

diet, regular exercise and exercise, supplying the body with enough fluids, vitamins and minerals.

It takes a lot of time for cellulite to form, also, it takes time to get rid of it.

Macadamia oil - a fast-absorbing oil that will help all the ingredients to be absorbed into the skin

Ivy oil - stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin, making it firmer and more elastic

Himalayan cedar - stimulates the lymphatic circulation and the outflow of excess fluid

Rosemary - Useful in improving circulation and lymph flow. Stimulates skin regeneration, a common ingredient

a mixture for treating stretch marks and scars

Lemon eucalyptus - acts on subcutaneous fat and has anti-inflammatory effects on painful cellulite

Medicinal sage - helps the action of lemon eucalyptus by acting on adipose tissue

Grapefruit - One of the best diuretics and lymphotonics, it is indispensable in the treatment of cellulite, water retention

and fat breakdown

3. Anti-cellulite massage soap Q10

This is a product that will really delight you as soon as you receive it in your hand. The scent of orange, coffee and chocolate, a specific shape intended for a quality weight massage that lasts a really long time. It contains coenzyme Q10, which is important because it acts as an antioxidant, stimulates the production of cellular energy, which is extremely important, especially in areas affected by cellulite and poor circulation. It stimulates the elasticity of the skin, restores it and gives the skin a more beautiful appearance.

Coenzyme Q10 is common in face creams, but we set it to music in this soap because these problematic parts of the body are no less important than the face.

Caffeine and coenzyme Q10 are allies in the fight against cellulite. The fact is that none of our cells can survive without coenzyme Q10.

This soap is great for excessive sun exposure because its antioxidant action helps cells defend themselves against oxidative stress while Q10 protects the cell.

The production of coenzyme Q10 in our body decreases with age, already in the twenties. As a result, the elasticity of the skin is lost and it becomes dry and tired.

This soap, with its fantastic composition, is effective in reducing the visibility of cellulite, blood circulation and circulation, and shows good results in firming sagging skin, which is especially well seen through regular use.

4. A surprise you don't expect;)

It is enough for a one-month course that will allow you to see the results. 

Use the oil every day and change the peeling and soap, you don't have to use the peeling and soap the same day (unless you really like it) :)

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