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Almond oil


Almond oil is a universal oil for all skin types. In baby care, it is used on its own and in creams, and in adulthood it is excellent for caring for dry skin.
It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.
It has a neutral smell, so it is often used in macerates where it is important to emphasize the smell of the plant being macerated.

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Aloe vera micellar water


# the most gentle way to cleanse the skin with hydration.

Aloe vera is a plant that I especially love because it has pulled me out so many times with burns and all kinds of inflammation on the skin. This micellar is great as a tonic that eliminates one more product from your routine and saves you money, and with aloe vera gel every and the driest skin will scream with happiness, especially on colder days when central heating draws moisture from it.

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Anti-cellulite massage...


This is a product that will really delight you as soon as you receive it in your hand. The smell of orange, coffee and chocolate , a specific shape intended for a quality massage of weight that lasts a really long time. It contains coenzyme Q10 , which is important because it acts as an antioxidant, stimulates the production of cellular energy, which is extremely important, especially in areas affected by cellulite and poor circulation. It stimulates the elasticity of the skin, restores it and gives the skin a more beautiful appearance.

More product information under description

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Chamomile hydrolate

200ml of gentleness for your skin

Chamomile hydrolate is great for the care of sensitive skin prone to allergies and atopy. It is very mild with a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

It is great for sensitive skin prone to rashes, allergic reactions, acne, etc. and super soothes redness on the skin.

Cold from the fridge will sit like a balm on the skin. 

It is a great choice for baby skin care, babies love the smell of chamomile because it soothes them, so it can also be used for baths, diaper rashes, and you can spray the bedding before bed so that your baby can enjoy it.

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Eye serum


Every woman knows that youth hides in the eyes and in the eyes. The most sensitive area to the aging process and the first place where signs of fatigue and stress are seen is the area around the eyes.
Wrinkles under the eyes, dark under-eye circles and signs of fatigue are the most terrible forms of aging for a woman, which is often difficult to cover up with good make-up.

The serum, made of lavender, has been carefully made to work on the most sensitive area on the face, the thin skin around the eyes and all the signs of aging.

Just a couple of rubbing a ball on the skin every night before bed is enough.

More information about the product in the "Description"

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Face tonic tea tree


Tea-based tonic, clean care for problematic skin, acne, even a great treatment when it comes to fungus on the feet. Tonic for soles and face I would say :)

More information about the product in the "Description"

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Immortelle micellar water


Micellar for serious mature skin, but also for all those who love the scent of immortelle, which takes us back to the wild fields of our islands.

The base of this micellar is immortelle hydrolate, which is known for excellent skin regeneration and enhances skin microcirculation, helps heal scars and reduces the visibility of dark circles and skin pigmentation.

More information about the product in the "Description"

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Toothpaste neem clay charcoal


Natural toothpaste based on pure ventilated green clay, neem (has multiple effects because it cleans, disinfects, whitens teeth, refreshes the breath, strengthens teeth and gums, prevents caries and tartar), charcoal and the addition of essential oils that provide a feeling of freshness and purity.

Green clay gently strengthens tooth enamel and helps remove dental plaque, thanks to the mineral complex from the clay.

More information about the product in the "Description"

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