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Hygiene and hand care

Body care is an important factor in maintaining skin health. The skin is our largest organ and most exposed to external influences. Mala od lavande made sure to produce natural products made from untreated plants so that by using these products you can get really high quality. Keep your skin healthy and supple for a long time with the natural Lavender Mala od lavande Comet.

Hygiene and hand care

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Spray for dry washing and...

Spray for hand disinfection, based on alcohol, aloe vera, lavender hydrolate, vegetable glycerin, tea tree essential oil, lavender and vitamin E (with 70% alcohol in the composition).

HZJZ approval: 

Class: 351-01 / 20-10 / 1

Reg. No .: 381-10-104-20-3355

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Shea / Shea butter


If I had to single out only one product from our range that I would take with me on a trip, it would definitely be #Karite butter (ok, provided that dezić and toothpaste I can't live without go with me) :).

It’s a product that’s really applicable to so many things ... I take off makeup with it, I use it for full body skin (on wet skin right after showering when it’s still warm), it’s great for dry and hard heels and elbows, it serves me great instead of lip balms, the cuticle around the nails is super tidy after regular massage (and the nails don't complain either).

More information about the product in the "Description"

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