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Hair Care with natural cosmetics Mala od lavande

Hair Care

Hair makes up 90% of our selfie :) Hair care in conditions when various treatments for bleaching and thinning hair are available is really difficult. But not impossible. products of natural composition are offered by Mala od lavande to keep your hair shiny and your scalp well-groomed and healthy. Nettle, neem, argan, aloe vera, panthenol, are just some of the ingredients that help your hair to be exactly the way you like to see it.

Hair Care

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Nettle hair shampoo


Nettle primarily stimulates circulation (which you can easily feel when you "burn" on it) and a better supply of oxygen and nutrients, and thus hair growth. It actually strengthens and revitalizes the hair from root to tip in a gentle way. It is therefore also great for preventing hair loss.

By allowing better blood circulation, nettle balances the level of fat in the scalp, so it is no wonder that it is the main ingredient in shampoos for oily hair and dandruff.

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price €7.70

Shea / Shea butter


If I had to single out only one product from our range that I would take with me on a trip, it would definitely be #Karite butter (ok, provided that dezić and toothpaste I can't live without go with me) :).

It’s a product that’s really applicable to so many things ... I take off makeup with it, I use it for full body skin (on wet skin right after showering when it’s still warm), it’s great for dry and hard heels and elbows, it serves me great instead of lip balms, the cuticle around the nails is super tidy after regular massage (and the nails don't complain either).

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price €6.63

MEN hair shampoo

Ladies, how many times have you had your man take a shower or wash his hair with your last drops of your favorite shampoo? Or maybe a conditioner? I ask like that, from my own experience :)
The explanation is that the bottle is in the shower and everything looks colorful and the same.
That's why I bring hair shampoo (and shower gel in the same category) in BLACK so that our favorite men can finally distinguish the bottles;)

Price €7.70

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