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2FACED makeup remover butter


The most thorough facial cleansing and makeup removal!

[Approved by mother-in-law] :)

I don't know about yours, but mine swears that there is no better product for removing makeup and feeding her face than "that skeleton" as she calls it. :)

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price kn79.90 (€10.60)

kn1,598.00 / per liter

Anti-cellulite oil


Apply and massage preferably on damp skin after showering so that the skin absorbs the mixture better

Let’s not forget to mention that this oil alone will not eliminate cellulite. It asks for your help in the form of proper
diet, regular exercise and exercise, supplying the body with enough fluids, vitamins and minerals.
It takes a lot of time for cellulite to form, also, it takes time to get rid of it.

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price kn134.00 (€17.78)

kn1,340.00 / per liter

Legs and feet cream


This homemade recipe made from rich and hydrating ingredients will deal with yours dry and cracked, damaged and sore feet.

Feel free to try it on tense and tired legs too! With the addition of tea tree oil, this homemade peppermint cream will also disinfect your feet and leave them in the most beautiful sense of smell of strong freshness.

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price kn79.90 (€10.60)

kn266.06 / per liter



Get the best out of your skin with a natural face cream made from zeolite and hazelnut oil. With the addition of geranium essential oil, this formula will help rejuvenate and revitalize your skin, leaving it clean, nourished and fresh. 

Give yourself healthy, beautiful skin with the help of this high-quality face cream!

More information about the product in the "Description"

Regular price kn148.00 -15% Price kn125.80 (€16.70)

kn2,516.00 / per liter

  • -15%

MEN hair shampoo

Ladies, how many times have you had your man take a shower or wash his hair with your last drops of your favorite shampoo? Or maybe a conditioner? I ask like that, from my own experience :)
The explanation is that the bottle is in the shower and everything looks colorful and the same.
That's why I bring hair shampoo (and shower gel in the same category) in BLACK so that our favorite men can finally distinguish the bottles;)

Regular price kn58.00 -19% Price kn46.98 (€6.24)

kn234.90 / per liter

  • -19%

Argan Hair Shampoo


Enriched with geranium essential oil and panthenol.

Geranium is a great solution for both dry and oily hair. It balances the scalp in a way that prevents excessive secretion of fat, but stimulates secretion if the scalp is naturally dry.
Panthenol softens hair, hydrates, relieves irritation of the scalp and skin, prevents inflammation and regenerates, facilitates combing.

This balanced shampoo is great for all hair types, and the wonderful scent of geraniums will stay on your hair for a long time!
It can also be used by children from 3 years and older.

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price kn56.00 (€7.43)

kn280.00 / per liter

Eye serum


Every woman knows that youth hides in the eyes and in the eyes. The most sensitive area to the aging process and the first place where signs of fatigue and stress are seen is the area around the eyes.
Wrinkles under the eyes, dark under-eye circles and signs of fatigue are the most terrible forms of aging for a woman, which is often difficult to cover up with good make-up.

The serum, made of lavender, has been carefully made to work on the most sensitive area on the face, the thin skin around the eyes and all the signs of aging.

Just a couple of rubbing a ball on the skin every night before bed is enough.

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price kn84.00 (€11.15)

kn8,400.00 / per liter

Shea / Shea butter


If I had to single out only one product from our range that I would take with me on a trip, it would definitely be #Karite butter (ok, provided that dezić and toothpaste I can't live without go with me) :).

It’s a product that’s really applicable to so many things ... I take off makeup with it, I use it for full body skin (on wet skin right after showering when it’s still warm), it’s great for dry and hard heels and elbows, it serves me great instead of lip balms, the cuticle around the nails is super tidy after regular massage (and the nails don't complain either).

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price kn49.90 (€6.62)

kn499.00 / per liter

St. John's wort


Fresh St. John's wort flowers macerated in sunflower oil, beeswax and vitamin E are the ingredients of this little miracle.

Don't be fooled by the light pink color of the fat, we filter the macerate 3 times, and the beeswax in it is white. The ointment contains 94% of St. John's wort / St. John's wort oil, the rest is the other two ingredients. Beeswax makes the texture of fat and also has its benefits while vitamin E is an antioxidant, holds the value of fat and has a beneficial effect on the skin.

It is important to know right at the beginning that after using this product you must avoid sun exposure because St. John's wort is phototoxic and can leave blemishes on the skin.

More information about the product in the "Description"

Price kn68.00 (€9.03)

kn680.00 / per liter

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