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Lavender hydrolate


Lavender hydrolate is among the most popular hydrolates due to its soothing and regenerative effect on sensitive skin.

It can be used in skin hydration masks, as a face tonic, as a humidifier in rooms with central heating, and after shaving and depilation to prevent inflammation.       

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Brza i sigurna dostava
100% sigurna kupnja
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Soothes skin after sunburn, burns, insect bites and itching. It is recommended to use in the form of a spray before applying sunscreen because it moisturizes the skin and prevents damage by high temperatures when sunbathing. It is a favorite hydrolate in the care of small children because it soothes children's skin, so it is recommended in baths, as a tonic after bathing, for the care of children's buttocks and the like.

Lavender hydrolate is ideal for the care of almost all skin types, due to its balanced pH value. It has a regenerative, purifying, cooling effect.

It is excellent for the care of sensitive skin, as well as for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Helps maintain skin moisture during sun exposure and prevents damage caused by wind and high temperatures.

There is no alcohol or any other additives in the hydrolate.

TIP: It can be used for ironing, pour a little hydrolate into the iron, the laundry will smell like lavender. But, if you get hydrolate, don't be surprised when you smell it and it "smells". It has a strong smell that is very unpleasant at first, but over time it evaporates and you get used to it. Yet this is lavender, a hybrid of lavender that has a much sharper and more intense scent than lavender itself.

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Lavender Hybrid Flower Water

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