Sapun za čišćenje lica Glina/Ugljen
  • Sapun za čišćenje lica Glina/Ugljen
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Cleansing Face Soap Clay/Charcoal

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Kod odabira Kartičnog plaćanja, molimo pričekajte da vas na kraju procesa plaćanja sustav vrati na stranicu Male od lavande.

Medicinal charcoal is excellent for getting clean skin, it removes grease and all surface impurities, it takes out blackheads, is a strong detox, deep cleanses pores and balances sebum formation. Grey clay is rich in precious minerals, which tighten and rejuvenate the skin (silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, titanium, magnesium, oligoelements and other valuable ingredients).

It has the ability to extract harmful substances from the skin and removes the top layer of dead cells from skins surface, supports regeneration and blood flow.

Instructions on how to use:

1. Soak face with water;

2. Apply soap to the face and gently rub in circular motion – face scrub;

3. Let the foam dry – face mask;

4. Rinse face with water. Note: the soap will considerably dry out the skin so we recommend applying a hydrolate immediately after use, then while the skin is still moist, applying oil a cream.

The soap can be used daily.

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