Hidrolat lavandina
  • Hidrolat lavandina
  • Hidrolat lavandina
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Lavandin Flower Water

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60ml, 200ml, 1000ml

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Kod odabira Kartičnog plaćanja, molimo pričekajte da vas na kraju procesa plaćanja sustav vrati na stranicu Male od lavande.

Lavandin flower water (hydrolate) is one of the most favorite among hydrolates due to its fragrance and its calming and regenerating effect on sensitive skin. It can be used in hydrating skin masks, as a face tonic, as a humidifier in rooms with central heating, for preventing skin inflammations after a shave or depilation.

It calms the skin after sunbathing, burns, insect bites and itching.

It’s recommended to use as a spray before applying sunscreen to keep the skin moist and prevent damage due overheating. Mothers love adding this hydrolate in baby baths because it soothes the skin, then as a tonic after the bath, it is also great for sensitive baby bums and similar. Lavandin flower water is ideal for almost all skin types because it has a balanced pH (5.6-5.9).

It is regenerative, purifying and cooling. Excellent for sensitive and acne prone skin also for treating various inflammatory skin conditions. It helps to maintain skin moisture during sun exposure and protects against damage caused by wind and heat. The hydrolate contains no alcohol or any other additives.

If you want your clothes to have a natural lavandin fragrance, simply pour some of this hydrolate and water into your steam iron. Don’t be surprised if the hydrolate has a strong, even unpleasant smell – at first! The smell intensity fades with time (it gets better) and you become used to it.

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Raw material composition
Lavandula Hybrida Flower Water

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