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Krema za suhu i osjetljivu kožu
  • Krema za suhu i osjetljivu kožu
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Dry & Sensitive Skin Care Cream

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Kod odabira Kartičnog plaćanja, molimo pričekajte da vas na kraju procesa plaćanja sustav vrati na stranicu Male od lavande.

The excellent texture of peach kernel oil, which dominates this mild cream, is applicable to all skin conditions, but is especially recommendable for prematurely aged, dehydrated, sensitive and irritated skin. This cream makes the skin feel gentle, visibly softer, revitalized and moist.

Provides optimal skin protection from external influences, at the same time protecting its inner moisture. Nourishes and straightens the skin.

The cream absorbs quickly and leaves a velvety sensation. Jojoba oil has a chemical composition very similar to sebum and when applied, forms a thin, non-greasy layer. That layer is partially permeable which allows the epidermis to breathe and control the skin moisture.

Jojoba oil is recommendable for people with oily or combination skin type because it regulates sebum secretion, doesn’t block the pores and at the same time hydrates dry areas of the skin. It can be used as a day and night cream and as make-up foundation.

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Raw material composition
ulje koštica marelice, jojobino ulje, neven, paprena metvica i lavanda.

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