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Deo Cream Orange/Tea tree/Pine

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Kod odabira Kartičnog plaćanja, molimo pričekajte da vas na kraju procesa plaćanja sustav vrati na stranicu Male od lavande.

Deo Cream with 100% anti-odor efficiency! We guaranty – if the effect doesn’t last throughout the entire day - we will give you your money back!

This deo cream will not clog your pores, it allows normal sweating but it absolutely blocks bad odor!

Usage: apply a small amount of cream (pea grain) on wet armpits, smudge gently in thin layer (don’t rub excessively) let it dry and then dress.

If you used a bit too much cream and there are dry bits on your skin simply wipe off the rest with a cotton towel. Do not apply straight after a shave or depilation because your skin might get irritated! You can also use this deo cream for your feet, using the same technique as described above.

Data sheet

Raw material composition
Kakao maslac, soda bikarbona, kukuruzni škrob, eterično ulje naranča, čajevac, bijeli bor.

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