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Anti-cellulite Oil

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Kod odabira Kartičnog plaćanja, molimo pričekajte da vas na kraju procesa plaćanja sustav vrati na stranicu Male od lavande.

Macadamia oil – absorbs very quickly and helps pulling all of the ingredients into the skin.

Ivy oil – stimulates the development of hyaluronic acid in the skin, making it stronger and more elastic.

Himalayan cedar – stimulates lymphatic circulation and drains excess fluid.

Rosemary – beneficial for blood and lymph flow. Stimulates skin regeneration and is commonly used in products that treat stretch marks and scars.

Lemon Eucalyptus – affects subcutaneous adipose tissue, acts anti-inflammatory on painful cellulite.

Medicinal sage – supports lemon eucalyptus by affecting fatty tissue.

Grapefruit – one of the very best diuretics and lymphatonics, inevitable in cellulite treatments, water retention and fat dissolution.

Best apply by massaging on wet skin, allowing better absorption. Keep in mind that the oil is not a miracle worker, on its own it won’t remove the cellulite, it seeks your help in the form of proper nutrition, regular movement and exercise, supplying the organism with fluids, vitamins and minerals.

Cellulite does not form overnight so it also takes time to remove it.

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Ulje makadamije, ulje bršljana, ulje himalajskog cedra, ulje ružmarina, ulje limunskog eukaliptusa, ulje ljekovite kadulje i ulje grejpa

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