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Lavender & Vanilla Shower Gel

Another product that smells absolutely amazing! 

The new shower gel with lavender and vanilla from the Mala od lavande product collection smells so refreshing and natural that you will feel as if you have been transported to the sweet fragrant fields of lavender. 

With a combination of lavender and vanilla, this shower gel will leave your skin wonderfully fragrant, nourished and looking great! 

The gels come in several different scents but I am Mala od lavande , guess which is my favorite :)

Price kn49.90

kn249.50 / per liter

Body Milk Q10


I no longer hide my enthusiasm for coenzyme Q10.
The ally is in the fight against wrinkles and cellulite because it helps better circulation and blood circulation of the skin, restores elasticity, and it is desirable to start using products with Q10 in the twenties, because then its level in the body begins to decline.
There is no magical transformation of the skin after one day but after regular use the skin is really even “on the eye” more beautiful.
Nourishing oil and butter from the milk of course contribute to that soft feeling.

Price kn64.00

kn320.00 / per liter

Moisturizing face serum

When it comes to the new collection I am most proud of this product.

He was tested on 17 people (36 - 74 years) for 4 months. Among these people is one of my friends to whom none of my creams have ever been enough to quench my skin’s thirst - after this serum she told me “I don’t need any cream after this”. So much about hydration and I’m proud of how I hit it off.
The product comes in a 50ml package and if you apply it twice a day, it will last you a month and a half without any problems.
Of the active ingredients it contains hyaluronic acid, plant glycerin, collagen, panthenol and coenzyme Q10. No odors are added and it is safe for the eye area.
I guarantee hydration.

Price kn164.00

kn3,279.74 / per liter

MEN face cream


To keep men's care simple, and at the same time rich in natural and organic ingredients, and a striking masculine look, the men's Mala od lavande elegant black design has taken care of it.
It also includes this natural face cream for men that suits every lifestyle.
You no longer have to steal creams from your better halves, in fact, you may have to hide your face cream from them from now on.

Price kn115.00

kn2,300.00 / per liter

MEN shower gel

To keep men's care simple, and at the same time rich in natural and organic ingredients, and a striking masculine look, the Mala od lavande men's line of elegant black design, which includes this natural shower gel for men, has taken care of that. KEEPING NATURAL COOL is definitely the feeling that this natural shower gel leaves with a masculine scent.

The skin will be nourished, you will feel refreshed, and hygiene will be satisfied.

Just your shower bottle, no more confusion;)

Price kn54.90

kn274.50 / per liter

Bergamot & Lemongrass...

Rinse the worries of the day with a citrus scented shower!

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel you need to start the day as soon as possible? 

If so, you are not the only one. 

Delaying the alarm in the hope that we will catch a few more minutes of sleep leads to a more stressful waking up and preparing for work.

The solution is a shower with citrus notes that you have loved from the very beginning. Mala od lavande - bergamot & lemon grass!

Price kn49.90

kn249.50 / per liter

After sun body milk


Body milk based on cocoa and coconut butter, aloe vera, and beta carotene is a complete hit for preparing the skin for sunbathing and for daycare during the summer. The most important function when you return from vacation is to maintain that beautiful bronze color for as long as possible.

The beautiful summer scent of this product will take you to the sea even when you are not there.

An aloe vera content of over 30% will alleviate any possible sunburn and damage to the skin and hydrate it. At the same time, cocoa and coconut butter will nourish the skin while keeping it soft for a long time.

Regular price kn115.00 -25% Price kn86.25

kn431.25 / per liter

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